Tungsten Carbide Slitter Knives

For our company's Tungsten Carbide Slitter Knives we emphasized on the selection of carbide materials. Because it's particularly hard to condition the directional material of the electromagnetic steel sheet, we will like to propose you a suitable material type selected from the top 3 companies manufacturing carbide materials.


For our grade selection of carbide material we focus on the following performance numerical values.

① 【Hardness HRA】② 【Transverse Force GPa】 ③ 【Fracture Toughness MPa · m1 / 2】 ④ 【Corrosion Resistance】


Corrosion resistance is not generally emphasized, but we value it. 

Carbide materials are weak against moisture, and corrosion deterioration may occur when moisture adheres to the surface of the material for a long time. If holes are formed due to corrosion, the probability of chipping and other defects increases. We select materials by comparison with good corrosion.


We also believe that extreme caution is required for normal maintenance management (including maintenance during regeneration polishing) such as blade cleaning.


Our Tungsten Carbide Slitter knife products are manufactured at our Taiwan factory or at a domestic consignment company in Japan.

We can provide products which have【Flatness】【Parallelism】【Thickness】 within the tolerance you request.

Our company overcomes soaring prices, by flexible adjusting from material selection and choosing from to rough processing and finish processing.


Considering the above standards of our company, we propose & provide products most suitable to customer's request.

Rotary grinding finish

Mirror surface lapping finish