Welcome to our Homepage, Meishou Japan Ltd.

Meishou Japan Ltd. manufactures and sells mainly Japanese made industrial slitter knives to China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. For the Japanese market, we also supply OEM's to domestic slitter knife manufacturers and sales companies. It's also possible for end users to purchase our products at a direct sale price (retail price).


In addition, with our slitter equipment and other related equipment, we are making efforts to contribute more and more to the Coil Centers in Japan and overseas.We are also handling slitter and shear equipment from Japanese domestic manufacturers and Taiwan manufacturers. Manufacturers from both countries possess superior technical capabilities, manufacturing and sales capabilities. Each of the companies has its own achievements and we incorporate the excellent merits of both manufacturers and adapt to the demand of Coil Center users in Japan and overseas. We plan and make proposals for slitter/shear equipment designs.At present, we propose slitter line manufacturing using tight type slitter machines (no loop), as well as new equipment combined with automatic cutting equipment for the existing equipment according to your request.


Moreover, we manufacture and sell equipment of TSUCHIYA DIE (former Tsuchiya Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) which has been manufacturing EI core die-casting mold for more than 65 years. We have accomplished considerable use numbers with overseas Coil centers.


We also focus on collecting any relevant information on China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia though our overseas staff. In addition to providing the latest information to our customers, we constantly do our best to make better proposals.

We provide accurate information, introduction of equipment, and show you how to make the right purchase.

Please do not hesitate contacting us.