Slitter Knife

□Material Quality 


Our company uses 【Die Steel】【High Speed Steel】【Carbide】which complies with the JIS standard for Special Steel made in Japan and

provides only high quality Slitter Knives which passed the machining production inspection.

□Best manufacturing process


Since domestic steel users all use either slitter knives made in Japan or overseas, people tend to think that high quality means high price and low price means low quality products. On the other hand, we are flexible on this, which allows us to meet user's demands as best as possible.

□Heating process


In order to keep the toughness and hardness of special steel at high quality, we perform the quenching, followed by the tempering, based on our own original criteria for the heating process. 

Flat finishing process


In order to further improve the quality of the slitter knife, one of the processes that our company emphasizes most is the final flat finishing process. At any customer's request, we can perform the process either at our own factory in Taiwan or at one of our cooperating factories in Japan. In addition, a lapping machine finishing process is also possible.

Slitter knife quotation request

We mainly export & sell self manufactured slitter knives made in Japan to coil centers in China and Southeast Asia.

In the countries we export, the price aspects are regarded as more important than high quality and made in Japan. Therefore, competing to the domestic prices in Japan isn't possible.

Please consider making a comparison our products and other products on the market. We are certain we can meet your desired price suggestions.

    You can use it for information gathering purposes. Please feel free to use it.

Spacer Liner

□Material properties


[SK5] [S45C] is mainstream, but depending on the application you can also select [SCM440] [SUJ2] [SUS] 




Thickness tolerance: +0 to -0.005 mm (within)

Parallelism: 0.005 mm (within)

We pay particular attention to the accuracy of the side finish.


□Custom black dyed specification


For rust prevention, you can opt for black dyeing diameters both on the inside and the outside. 

Separator Disc

□Material properties


【SUJ2】is mainstream, but【SNCM439】【SKD61】【SKD11】are alsobeing used.


□Surface processing


The material surface is processed with hard chrome plating.

Film thickness: 15 to 30 μm


We manufacture products that will meet your requests.


We take part to exhibitions in China  and Southeast Asia displaying our products every year.


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